Pigsty MINIO module frequently asked questions

Fail to launch multi-node / multi-driver MinIO cluster.

In Multi-Driver or Multi-Node mode, MinIO will refuse to start if the data dir is not a valid mount point.

Use mounted disks for MinIO data dir rather than some regular directory. You can use the regular directory only in the single node, single drive mode.

How to deploy a multi-node multi-drive MinIO cluster?

Check Create Multi-Node Multi-Driver MinIO Cluster

How to add a member to the existing MinIO cluster?

You’d better plan the MinIO cluster before deployment… Since this requires a global restart

Check this: Expand MinIO Deployment

How to use a HA MinIO deployment for PGSQL?

Access the HA MinIO cluster with an optional load balancer and different ports.

Here is an example: Access MinIO Service

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