Extensible Postgres

PG with 255 powerful extensions ready for use
PostGIS, Timescale, Citus, Vector, AGE, PGML
ParadeDB, Hydra, DuckFDW, PG GraphQL,……

Full Extension List

Reliable Infrastructures

Create self-healing HA PostgreSQL clusters
with pre-configured PITR, built-in ACL, & SSL
Secure your infra with local CA & best practice.

Infra Architecture

Observable Graphics

Unparalleled monitoring best practices build upon
the modern Prometheus & Grafana stack: Gallery
Reuse them to monitor existing DBs & cloud RDS

Playground Demo

Available Service

Deliver auto-routed, high-performance, pooled, reliable
and flexible database Services Access via Pgbouncer
DNSMasq,Keepalived, vip-manager, and HAProxy

Access Options

Maintainable Toolbox

Infra as Code, Declarative API & Idempotent Playbooks
Vagrant sandbox & Terraform IaaS provisioning specs
Local repo, offline package, setup without Internet access

Infra as Code

Composable Modules

Modular design, flexible arch with many bonus features.
Docker compose templates for software that use Postgres

Availble Modules

Painless Experience

Easy to use: Download, Install, Configure in one command
Config Templates for different scenarios, auto-tuned params
Admin SOP and zero-downtime blue-green Migrations plans

Getting Started!

Compatible Distros

Run on base OS without containerization support
EL 7, 8, 9 and Rocky, Alma, CentOS, OracleLinux,…
Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04, and Debian 11 / 12 Support

Available OS List

Open-Source RDS

Free software open-sourced under the AGPLv3 license
Better RDS cost-saving 50%-90% comparing to the Cloud
Multi-cloud deployment since day one. No vendor lock-in!

Feature Comparision