Learn about core concept about Pigsty: architecture, cluster models, infra, PG HA, PITR, and service access.


Pigsty’s modular architecture, compose modules in a declarative manner

Cluster Model

Pigsty abstracts different types of functionalities into modules & clusters.

Self-Signed CA

Pigsty comes with a set of self-signed CA PKI for issuing SSL certs to encrypt network traffic.

Infra as Code

Pigsty treat infra & database as code. Manage them in a declarative manner

High Availability

Pigsty uses Patroni to achieve high availability for PostgreSQL, ensuring automatic failover.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Pigsty utilizes pgBackRest for PostgreSQL point-in-time recovery, allowing users to roll back to any point within the backup policy limits.

Services & Access

Pigsty employs HAProxy for service access, offering optional pgBouncer for connection pooling, and optional L2 VIP and DNS access.

Access Control

Pigsty has moderate security best-practice: password & certs, built-in ACLs, encrypted network traffics and cold backups

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