Pigsty is Build in Public. We have active community in GitHub

The Pigsty community already offers free WeChat/Discord/Telegram Q&A Office Hours, and we are also happy to provide more free value-added services to our supporters.


Our GitHub Repo: , welcome to watch and star us.

Everyone is very welcome to submit new Issue or create Pull Request, propose feature suggestions and participate in Pigsty contribution.

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Beware that for Pigsty documentation issues, please submit Issue in the repository.




WeChat: Search pigsty-cc and join the User Group.

We have a GPTs for Pigsty documentation QA:

You can also contact me with email:

Ask for Help

When having troubles with pigsty. You can ask the community for help, with enough info & context, here’s a template:

What happened? (REQUIRED)

Pigsty Version & OS Version (REQUIRED)

$ grep version  pigsty.yml 

$ cat /etc/os-release

If you are using a cloud provider, please tell us which cloud provider and what operating system image you are using.

If you have customized and modified the environment after installing the bare OS, or have specific security rules and firewall configurations in your WAN, please also tell us when troubleshooting.

Pigsty Config File (REQUIRED)

Don’t forget to remove sensitive information like passwords, etc…

cat ~/pigsty/pigsty.yml

What did you expect to happen?

Please describe what you expected to happen.

How to reproduce it?

Please tell us as much detail as possible about how to reproduce the problem.

Monitoring Screenshots

If you are using pigsty monitoring system, you can paste RELEVANT screenshots here.

Error Log

Please copy and paste any RELEVANT log output. Do not paste something like “Failed to start xxx service”

  • Syslog: /var/log/messages (rhel) or /var/log/syslog (debian)
  • Postgres: /pg/log/postgres/*
  • Patroni: /pg/log/patroni/*
  • Pgbouncer: /pg/log/pgbouncer/*
  • Pgbackrest: /pg/log/pgbackrest/*
journalctl -u patroni
journalctl -u <service name>

Have you tried the Issue & FAQ?

Anything else we need to know?

The more information and context you provide, the more likely we are to be able to help you solve the problem.

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