Pigsty has professional support which provides services & consulting to cover corner-cases!

Pigsty is a battery-included use PostgreSQL database distribution, a local-first alternative to RDS/cloud database services, allowing users to run a fully-featured local RDS service at a hardware cost of just a few core months. The software itself is completely open-source and free. If it has helped you, please consider sponsoring us.

Although Pigsty is designed to replace manual database operations with database autopilot software, even the best software can only solve some problems. There will always be some infrequent issues and various problems not limited to technology that require expert intervention. Therefore, we also offer professional service subscriptions.

Available Plans

Pigsty OSS
But no Warranty

PG: 16

OS: 3 major distro

  • EL 8.9
  • Debian 12
  • Ubuntu 22.04

Modules: Core Modules

SLA: Not Available

Community Support

Pigsty Basic
7,000 $ / year
or 700 $/month

PG: 15, 16

OS: 5 major distro

  • EL 7.9 / 8.9 / 9.3
  • Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04
  • Debian 11 / 12

Modules: All Available

SLA: 5 x 8 (<48h)

Basic Support

  • Bug Fix
  • Security Patch
  • Failure Analysis
  • Upgrade Path

Pigsty Professional
20,000 $ / year
or 2,000 $/month

PG: 14, 15, 16

OS: 5x full minor distros

  • EL 7.x / 8.x / 9.x
  • Ubuntu 20.x / 22.x
  • Debian 11.x / 12.x

Modules: All Available

SLA:5 x 8 (<4h)

Professional Consulting

  • Bug Fix
  • Security Patch
  • Failure Analysis
  • Upgrade Path
  • DBA Consulting

Pigsty Enterprise
50,000 $ / year
or 5,000 $/month

PG: 12 - 16

OS: Be Spoke

  • EL, Debian, Ubuntu
  • UOS / Anolis / Cloud
  • ARM64, Be spoke

Modules: All Available

SLA:7 x 24 (on-call)

Enterprise Service

  • Bug Fix
  • Security Patch
  • Failure Analysis
  • Upgrade Path
  • DBA Consulting
  • Arch Review
  • Outage on-call

Service Subscription

Plan Open Source Standard Pro Enterprise
Who Self-sufficient OSS Guru, Developers Elite tech team who seeks assurance suitable choice for common users critical scenario which require strict SLA
Price (Year) Free under AGPLv3 7,000 $ / Year 20,000 $ / Year 50,000 $ / Year
Price (Month) Free under AGPLv3 700 $ / Month 2,000 $ / Month 5,000 $ / Month
Node Size Unlimited <= 5 <= 15 <= 40
Consult Community Support
Groups, Issues, Discuz
Bug Fix & Security Patch
Failure Analysis
Upgrade Path
Bug Fix & Security Patch
Failure Analysis
Upgrade Path
DBA Consulting
Bug Fix & Security Patch
Failure Analysis
Upgrade Path
DBA Consulting
Arch Review
Outage on-call
Service - One-time setup (< 1 day) 2 free expert days / Year 4 free expert days / Year
PG Support the latest major version
PG 16
Last 2 version
PG 15, 16
Last 3 version
PG 14, 15, 16
Lifecycle Version
PG 12 - 16
OS Support EL 8.9
Ubuntu 22.04
Debian 12
EL 7.9 / 8.9 / 9.3
Ubuntu 22.04 / 20.04
Debian 11 / 12
EL 7.x / 8.x / 9.x
Ubuntu 22.x / 20.x
Debian 11.x / 12.x
EL / Debian / Ubuntu
UOS / Anolis / CloudOS
And, be spoke…
Arch Support x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64
arm64 / aarch64
All Other Modules
All Other Modules
All Other Modules
SLA - 5 x 8 (<48h) 5 x 8 (<4h) 7 x 24 (on-call)
Cost Like Compare to
Part-Time Operators
??% Junior DBA
100 vCPU RDS
??% DBA

Pigsty Pro offers an expanded range of features, supporting a wider variety of operating system distributions, PostgreSQL major versions, and a richer set of extension plugins. It also includes offline software packages tailored for each OS minor version to ensure optimal compatibility.

Pigsty subscriptions operate on an annual payment model, providing users with an annual license for the Pigsty commercial version. This includes access to the latest software versions and upgrade paths released within the year, along with comprehensive consulting, Q&A, and service support. A larger scale implies more complex scenarios, more issues, and a higher chance of failure events: thus, each subscription comes with a node scale limit. For example, if you are using the Pro subscription and manage 15 nodes, you will need to pay an additional subscription fee for each node beyond the limit (10,000 RMB per node).

Pigsty’s pricing strategy ensures value for money — you can immediately obtain top-notch DBA database architecture solutions and management best practices, all backed by consulting, Q&A, and service support, at a cost that is highly competitive compared to find-out & hiring rare database Guru or using cloud RDS.

If you have the following needs, please consider our subscription:

  • Running databases in critical scenarios and needing strict SLA guarantees.
  • Seeking backup for Pigsty and PostgreSQL-related issues.
  • Wanting guidance on best practices for PostgreSQL/Pigsty production environments.
  • Needing experts to help interpret monitoring charts, analyze and locate performance bottlenecks and fault root causes, and provide opinions.
  • Planning a database architecture that meets security, disaster recovery, and compliance requirements based on existing resources and business needs.
  • Needing to migrate other databases to PostgreSQL, or migrate and transform legacy instances.
  • Building an observability system, data dashboard, and visualization application based on the Prometheus/Grafana tech stack.
  • Seeking support for domestic trusted operating systems/domestic trusted ARM chip architectures and providing Chinese/localized interface support.
  • Moving off the cloud and seeking an open-source alternative to RDS for PostgreSQL - a cloud-neutral, vendor-lock-in-free solution.
  • Seeking professional technical support for Redis/ETCD/MinIO/Greenplum/Citus/TimescaleDB.
  • Wanting to avoid the restrictions of the AGPLv3 license of Pigsty itself, doing derivative works being forced to use the same open-source license for secondary development and branding.
  • Consider selling Pigsty as SaaS/PaaS/DBaaS or providing technical services/consulting services based on this distribution.

Service subscriptions are divided into two different levels, Standard Service Agreement, and Enterprise Service Agreement, as shown in the table below:

Commercial support contact: Email:, WeChat: pigsty-cc / RuohangFeng


We offer retail expert days that can be used for database architecting, failure analysis, postmortem, troubleshooting, performance analysis, problem-solving, teaching, and training, which can be purchased as needed.

  • Top Expert: 3,000 $ / day
  • Senior Expert: 2,000 ¥ / day

The above prices are exclusive of taxes. The minimum unit is half a day, less than that will be charged as half a day. Price is doubled outside regular working hours (5x8), and it’s tripled on public holidays. Pricing & Discount may vary depending on the industry and the technical level of the client’s team.

Expert days need to be arranged at least one day before. Emergency failure responding is not applicable here and only available to subscribed customers.

We offer teaching and training services on PostgreSQL, priced as follows:

  • PostgreSQL Application Development: 1 x expert day, up to 20 people.
  • PostgreSQL Management & Operation: 1 x expert day, up to 20 people.
  • PostgreSQL Kernel Architecture: 2 x expert day, up to 10 people.

We offer deployment consulting and architecting services, priced as follows:

  • Planning a deployment solution based on your existing resources and needs.
  • 150 $/h, at least one hour per case, remote only. Delivery includes the pigsty.yml file.

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