v2.2: Observability Overhaul

Dashboard & Provision overhaul, UOS compatibility



Get started with bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://get.pigsty.cc/latest)"

Release Note: https://doc.pigsty.cc/#/RELEASENOTE?id=v220


  • Monitoring Dashboards Overhaul: https://demo.pigsty.cc
  • Vagrant Sandbox Overhaul: libvirt support and new templates
  • Pigsty EL Yum Repo: Building simplified
  • OS Compatibility: UOS-v20-1050e support
  • New config template: prod simulation with 42 nodes
  • Use official pgdg citus distribution for el7

Software Upgrade

  • PostgreSQL 16 beta2
  • Citus 12 / PostGIS 3.3.3 / TimescaleDB 2.11.1 / PGVector 0.44
  • patroni 3.0.4 / pgbackrest 2.47 / pgbouncer 1.20
  • grafana 10.0.3 / loki/promtail/logcli 2.8.3
  • etcd 3.5.9 / haproxy v2.8.1 / redis v7.0.12
  • minio 20230711212934 / mcli 20230711233044

Bug Fix

  • Fix docker group ownership issue [29434bd]https://github.com/Vonng/pigsty/commit/29434bdd39548d95d80a236de9099874ed564f9b
  • Append infra os group rather than set it as primary group
  • Fix redis sentinel systemd enable status 5c96feb
  • Loose bootstrap & configure if /etc/redhat-release not exists
  • Fix grafana 9.x CVE-2023-1410 with 10.0.2
  • Add PG 14 - 16 new command tags and error codes for pglog schema

API Change

Add 1 new parameter

  • INFRA.NGINX.nginx_exporter_enabled : now you can disable nginx_exporter with this parameter

Default value changes:

  • repo_modules: node,pgsql,infra : redis is removed from it
  • repo_upstream:
    • add pigsty-el: distribution independent rpms: such as grafana, minio, pg_exporter, etc…
    • add pigsty-misc: distribution aware rpms: such as redis, prometheus stack binaries, etc…
    • remove citus repo since pgdg now have full official citus support (on el7)
    • remove remi , since redis is now included in pigsty-misc
    • remove grafana in build config for acceleration
  • repo_packages:
    • ansible python3 python3-pip python3-requests python3.11-jmespath dnf-utils modulemd-tools # el7: python36-requests python36-idna yum-utils
    • grafana loki logcli promtail prometheus2 alertmanager karma pushgateway node_exporter blackbox_exporter nginx_exporter redis_exporter
    • redis etcd minio mcli haproxy vip-manager pg_exporter nginx createrepo_c sshpass chrony dnsmasq docker-ce docker-compose-plugin flamegraph
    • lz4 unzip bzip2 zlib yum pv jq git ncdu make patch bash lsof wget uuid tuned perf nvme-cli numactl grubby sysstat iotop htop rsync tcpdump
    • netcat socat ftp lrzsz net-tools ipvsadm bind-utils telnet audit ca-certificates openssl openssh-clients readline vim-minimal
    • postgresql13* wal2json_13* pg_repack_13* passwordcheck_cracklib_13* postgresql12* wal2json_12* pg_repack_12* passwordcheck_cracklib_12* postgresql16* timescaledb-tools
    • postgresql15 postgresql15* citus_15* pglogical_15* wal2json_15* pg_repack_15* pgvector_15* timescaledb-2-postgresql-15* postgis33_15* passwordcheck_cracklib_15* pg_cron_15*
    • postgresql14 postgresql14* citus_14* pglogical_14* wal2json_14* pg_repack_14* pgvector_14* timescaledb-2-postgresql-14* postgis33_14* passwordcheck_cracklib_14* pg_cron_14*
    • patroni patroni-etcd pgbouncer pgbadger pgbackrest pgloader pg_activity pg_partman_15 pg_permissions_15 pgaudit17_15 pgexportdoc_15 pgimportdoc_15 pg_statement_rollback_15*
    • orafce_15* mysqlcompat_15 mongo_fdw_15* tds_fdw_15* mysql_fdw_15 hdfs_fdw_15 sqlite_fdw_15 pgbouncer_fdw_15 multicorn2_15* powa_15* pg_stat_kcache_15* pg_stat_monitor_15* pg_qualstats_15 pg_track_settings_15 pg_wait_sampling_15 system_stats_15
    • plprofiler_15* plproxy_15 plsh_15* pldebugger_15 plpgsql_check_15* pgtt_15 pgq_15* pgsql_tweaks_15 count_distinct_15 hypopg_15 timestamp9_15* semver_15* prefix_15* rum_15 geoip_15 periods_15 ip4r_15 tdigest_15 hll_15 pgmp_15 extra_window_functions_15 topn_15
    • pg_background_15 e-maj_15 pg_catcheck_15 pg_prioritize_15 pgcopydb_15 pg_filedump_15 pgcryptokey_15 logerrors_15 pg_top_15 pg_comparator_15 pg_ivm_15* pgsodium_15* pgfincore_15* ddlx_15 credcheck_15 safeupdate_15 pg_squeeze_15* pg_fkpart_15 pg_jobmon_15
  • repo_url_packages:
  • node_default_packages:
    • lz4,unzip,bzip2,zlib,yum,pv,jq,git,ncdu,make,patch,bash,lsof,wget,uuid,tuned,nvme-cli,numactl,grubby,sysstat,iotop,htop,rsync,tcpdump
    • netcat,socat,ftp,lrzsz,net-tools,ipvsadm,bind-utils,telnet,audit,ca-certificates,openssl,readline,vim-minimal,node_exporter,etcd,haproxy,python3,python3-pip
  • infra_packages
    • grafana,loki,logcli,promtail,prometheus2,alertmanager,karma,pushgateway
    • node_exporter,blackbox_exporter,nginx_exporter,redis_exporter,pg_exporter
    • nginx,dnsmasq,ansible,postgresql15,redis,mcli,python3-requests
  • PGSERVICE in .pigsty is removed, replaced with PGDATABASE=postgres.

FHS Changes:

  • bin/dns and bin/ssh now moved to vagrant/
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