v0.9.0 Release Note

v0.9 accessbility enhancement, logging improvement, pigsty CLI/GUI beta

Pigsty v0.9.0


  • One-Line Installation

    Run this on meta node /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://pigsty.cc/install)"

  • MetaDB provisioning

    Now you can use pgsql database on meta node as inventory instead of static yaml file affter bootstrap.

  • Add Loki & Prometail as optinal logging collector

    Now you can view, query, search postgres|pgbouncer|patroni logs with Grafana UI (PG Instance Log)

  • Pigsty CLI/GUI (beta)

    Mange you pigsty deployment with much more human-friendly command line interface.

Bug Fix

  • Log related issues
    • fix connection reset by peer entries in postgres log caused by Haproxy health check.
    • fix Connect Reset Exception in patroni logs caused by haproxy health check
    • fix patroni log time format (remove mill seconds, add timezone)
    • set log_min_duration_statement=1s for dbuser_monitor to get ride of monitor logs.
  • Fix pgbouncer-create-user does not handle md5 password properly
  • Fix obsolete Makefile entries
  • Fix node dns nameserver lost when abort during resolv.conf rewrite
  • Fix db/user template and entry not null check

API Change

  • Set default value of node_disable_swap to false
  • Remove example enties of node_sysctl_params.
  • grafana_plugin default install will now download from CDN if plugins not exists
  • repo_url_packages now download rpm via pigsty CDN to accelerate.
  • proxy_env.no_proxy now add pigsty CDN to noproxy sites。
  • grafana_customize set to false by default,enable it means install pigsty pro UI.
  • node_admin_pk_current add current user’s ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to admin pks
  • loki_clean whether to cleanup existing loki data during init
  • loki_data_dir set default data dir for loki logging service
  • promtail_enabled enabling promtail logging agent service?
  • promtail_clean remove existing promtail status during init?
  • promtail_port default port used by promtail, 9080 by default
  • promtail_status_file location of promtail status file
  • promtail_send_url endpoint of loki service which receives log data
Last modified 2024-05-22: fix structure of zh/cloud (262eacd)