v1.0.0 Release Note

v1.0.0 Release



  • Monitoring System Overhaul

    • New Dashboards on Grafana 8.0
    • New metrics definition, with extra PG14 support
    • Simplified labeling system: static label set: (job, cls, ins)
    • New Alerting Rules & Derived Metrics
    • Monitoring multiple database at one time
    • Realtime log search & csvlog analysis
    • Link-Rich Dashboards, click graphic elements to drill-down|roll-up
  • Architecture Changes

    • Add citus & timescaledb as part of default installation
    • Add PostgreSQL 14beta2 support
    • Simply haproxy admin page index
    • Decouple infra & pgsql by adding a new role register
    • Add new role loki and promtail for logging
    • Add new role environ for setting up environment for admin user on admin node
    • Using static service-discovery for prometheus by default (instead of consul)
    • Add new role remove to gracefully remove cluster & instance
    • Upgrade prometheus & grafana provisioning logics.
    • Upgrade to vip-manager 1.0 , node_exporter 1.2 , pg_exporter 0.4, grafana 8.0
    • Now every database on every instance can be auto-registered as grafana datasource
    • Move consul register tasks to role register, change consul service tags
    • Add cmdb.sql as pg-meta baseline definition (CMDB & PGLOG)
  • Application Framework

    • Extensible framework for new functionalities
    • core app: PostgreSQL Monitor System: pgsql
    • core app: PostgreSQL Catalog explorer: pgcat
    • core app: PostgreSQL Csvlog Analyzer: pglog
    • add example app covid for visualizing covid-19 data.
    • add example app isd for visualizing isd data.
  • Misc

    • Add jupyterlab which brings entire python environment for data science
    • Add vonng-echarts-panel to bring Echarts support back.
    • Add wrap script createpg , createdb, createuser
    • Add cmdb dynamic inventory scripts: load_conf.py, inventory_cmdb, inventory_conf
    • Remove obsolete playbooks: pgsql-monitor, pgsql-service, node-remove, etc….

API Change

Bug Fix

  • Fix default timezone Asia/Shanghai (CST) issue
  • Fix nofile limit for pgbouncer & patroni
  • Pgbouncer userlist & database list will be generated when executing tag pgbouncer



  • Documentation Update
    • Chinese document now viable
    • Machine-Translated English document now viable
  • Bug Fix: pgsql-remove does not remove primary instance.
  • Bug Fix: replace pg_instance with pg_cluster + pg_seq
    • Start-At-Task may fail due to pg_instance undefined
  • Bug Fix: remove citus from default shared preload library
    • citus will force max_prepared_transaction to non-zero value
  • Bug Fix: ssh sudo checking in configure:
    • now ssh -t sudo -n ls is used for privilege checking
  • Typo Fix: pg-backup script typo
  • Alert Adjust: Remove ntp sanity check alert (dupe with ClockSkew)
  • Exporter Adjust: remove collector.systemd to reduce overhead
Last modified 2024-05-22: fix structure of zh/cloud (262eacd)