v0.3.0 Release Note

Pigsty v0.3.0 First Public Beta now available!


The first public beta (v0.3.0) of pigsty is available now ! 🎉

Monitoring System

Skim version of monitoring system consist of 8 essential dashboards:

  • PG Overview
  • PG Cluster
  • PG Service
  • PG Instance
  • PG Database
  • PG Table Overview
  • PG Table Catalog
  • Node

Database Cluster Provision

  • All config files are merged into one file: conf/all.yml by default
  • Use infra.yml to provision meta node(s) and infrastructure
  • Use initdb.yml to provision database clusters
  • Use ins-add.yml to add new instance to database cluster
  • Use ins-del.yml to remove instance from database cluster

Offline Installation

  • pkg.tgz is the latest offline install package (1GB rpm packages, made under CentOS 7.8)
Last modified 2024-05-22: fix structure of zh/cloud (262eacd)