v1.2.0 Release Note

Redis Support, PGCAT Overhaul


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use PostgreSQL 14 as default version
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use TimescaleDB 2.5 as default extension
    • now timescaledb & postgis are enabled in cmdb by default
  • [ENHANCEMENT] new monitor-only mode:
    • you can use pigsty to monitor existing pg instances with a connectable url only
    • pg_exporter will be deployed on meta node locally
    • new dashboard PGSQL Cluster Monly for remote clusters
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Software upgrade
    • grafana to 8.2.2
    • pev2 to v0.11.9
    • promscale to 0.6.2
    • pgweb to 0.11.9
    • Add new extensions: pglogical pg_stat_monitor orafce
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Automatic detect machine spec and use proper node_tune and pg_conf templates
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Rework on bloat related views, now more information are exposed
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove timescale & citus internal monitoring
  • [ENHANCEMENT] New playbook pgsql-audit.yml to create audit report.
  • [BUG FIX] now pgbouncer_exporter resource owner are {{ pg_dbsu }} instead of postgres
  • [BUG FIX] fix pg_exporter duplicate metrics on pg_table pg_index while executing REINDEX TABLE CONCURRENTLY
  • [CHANGE] now all config templates are minimize into two: auto & demo. (removed: pub4, pg14, demo4, tiny, oltp )
    • pigsty-demo is configured if vagrant is the default user, otherwise pigsty-auto is used.

How to upgrade from v1.1.1

There’s no API change in 1.2.0 You can still use old pigsty.yml configuration files (PG13).

For the infrastructure part. Re-execution of repo will do most of the parts

As for the database. You can still use the existing PG13 instances. In-place upgrade is quite tricky especially when involving extensions such as PostGIS & Timescale. I would highly recommend performing a database migration with logical replication.

The new playbook pgsql-migration.yml will make this a lot easier. It will create a series of scripts which will help you to migrate your cluster with near-zero downtime.

Last modified 2024-05-22: fix structure of zh/cloud (262eacd)