REDIS Playbook

Pull up redis clusters with built-in playbooks

REDIS series Playbook: Define and pull Redis databases in traditional standalone, native, and sentinel clusters.

Playbook Function Link
redis Deploying a Redis database in Native/Standalone/Sentinel cluster src
redis-remove Redis cluster/node destruction src


Deploy redis instances on nodes.

# init all redis instances on group <cluster>
 ./redis.yml -l <cluster>       # create redis among group <cluster>

# init all redis instances specific node
 ./redis.yml -l     # setup all redis instances on node

# init one specific instance (skip redis node)
 ./redis.yml -l -e redis_port=6501 -t redis

Alias script bin/createredis wrap above playbook with:

bin/createredis redis-common            # init redis cluster redis-common
bin/createredis             # init redis node
bin/createredis 6501 6502   # init redis instance 10.10.10:13:6501 10.10.10:13:6502


Remove redis instances from nodes.

# Remove cluster `redis-test`
redis-remove.yml -l redis-test

# Remove all instance on redis node
redis-remove.yml -l

# Remove one specific instance
redis-remove.yml -l -e redis_port=6501

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