Deploy various type of PostgreSQL cluster!
  • Identity Parameters: Introduces the identity parameters required to define a standard PostgreSQL HA cluster.
  • Singleton Deployment: Defines a single instance PostgreSQL cluster.
  • Primary-Replica Cluster: Defines a standard availability cluster with one primary & one replica.
  • Sync-Standby: Define a highly consistent cluster with sync standby and RPO = 0.
  • Quorum Commit: Defines a cluster with higher data consistency: most replicas return commits on the successful side.
  • Offline Replica: Dedicated instances for hosting OLAP analysis, ETL, and interactive personal queries individually.
  • Cascade Instance: Used to build cascade within a cluster for many replica scenarios (20+) to reduce primary pressure.
  • Standby Cluster: Produces real-time online clones of existing clusters for offsite disaster recovery or delayed.
  • Delayed Cluster: For responding to software/human failures such as mistaken table and database deletion, faster than PITR.
  • Citus Deployment: Deploy Citus distributed database cluster.
  • MatrixDB Deployment: Deploy Greenplum7/PostgreSQL12 compatible chronological data warehouse.


Basic primary-replica postgres cluster setup

PGSQL Offline Replica

Offline replica, special replica for offline ETL, interactive queries

PGSQL Standby Replica

Standby replicas and quorum commit

PGSQL Delayed Replica

Delayed replica, replica for human/software errors, accidental db/table drop, etc…

PGSQL Standby Cluster

Use one cluster as physical backup for another cluster

Citus Deployment

Distributive extension citus deployment

MatrixDB Deployment

MatrixDB (equal to Greenplum 7+ Time-Series database) deployment

PGSQL File Hierarchy Structure

PostgreSQL File Hierarchy Structure

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