Pigsty User Interface

Web GUI User interface for Pigsty

You can visit pigsty web ui after installation

http://g.pigsty -> (nginx) -> (grafana)

Visit http://<node_ip>:3000 for monitoring home. (username: admin, password: pigsty)

Live Demo

Web Services

Pigsty will proxy web ui access with Nginx (port 80), default upstream servers are:

Component Port Domain Comment
Grafana 3000 g.pigsty Grafana Dashboard Home
Prometheus 9090 p.pigsty TSDB UI
Loki 3100 l.pigsty Logging Server
AlertManager 9093 a.pigsty Alter Aggregator
Consul 8500 c.pigsty DCS Admin UI
Nginx 80 pigsty Web Service Entrance
Yum Repo 80 yum.pigsty Local yum repo

Check INFRA -> Config -> nginx_upstream

Domain Name

You can configure public domain names for these infra services, or just using local static DNS records & resolver e.g. write records to /etc/hosts.

You can access most web ui services via IP:Port, for example, <ip>:3000 is the default entrance of grafana. But it is not recommend.

Check: Deploy -> Prepare -> DNS Domain

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