RDS Alternative

Safety and Thrifty, up to 50%-80% cost saving comparing to RDS!

Pigsty can reduce the total cost of ownership of a database by 50% to 80% and put the data in the hands of the users themselves!

The public cloud database/RDS is a so-called “out-of-the-box” solution, but it delivers a long way from satisfying users: expensive compared to building your own database, many features that require super-user privileges are neutered, stupid UI and pot-luck features, but among all the problems, the most important one is the cloud software safty and cost issues.


  • Software that runs on your own computer can continue to run even if the software provider goes out of business. But if the company/department providing the cloud software goes out of business or decides to stop supporting it, that software won’t work, and the data you created with that software is locked up. Because the data is only stored in the cloud, not on your own server’s disk, and the only compensation you can expect is usually a chicken scratch voucher.
  • The problem of not being able to customize or scale is further exacerbated in cloud databases. Cloud databases typically do not offer database super users to users, which locks out a whole host of advanced features, as well as the ability to add extensions on your own. In contrast, ‘stream replication’, ‘high availability’, which should be standard in databases, are often sold to users as value-added items.
  • Cloud services may suddenly suspend your account without warning or recourse. You could be judged by an automated system to be in violation of the TOS when you are completely innocent: undocumented use of ports 80 & 53, account blasted and used to send malware or phishing emails, triggering a breach of the TOS. Or hammered over by a cloud vendor for some political reason, such as Parler.
  • The domestic habit of not using SaaS to insist on self-research or open-source is educated by the poor ecological industrial environment for real money. Putting your core asset – data, on someone else’s storage is just like leaving gold over the counter. There is nothing you can do to prevent, monitor, or even be aware of cloud vendors, or simply malicious or curious OPS and DBAs snooping around and stealing your precious data.

Not so with Pigsty, which can be deployed anywhere, including on your own servers. It is open source and free, requires no License, no Internet access, and does not collect any user data. You can run it on your own server until the sea runs out.


The cost of cloud databases is another issue: saving money is an immediate need for users. Public cloud vendors’ RDS may have advantages over traditional commercial databases, but they are still sky-high before building their own open-source databases. According to statistics, the comprehensive holding cost of RDS is up to 2~3x higher than self-build based on cloud servers, and even higher 5~10 times higher than self-build hosted by IDC.

52C/400GB/3TB x 2 Price 5Y Cost/Year
IDC & Your own 810K ¥ 160K ¥
ECS 310K ¥ 63K ¥
RDS 150K ¥ 30K ¥

Pigsty has significant cost advantages over using a cloud database. For example, you can buy the same size cloud server for half the overhead of a cloud database and deploy the database yourself using Pigsty. In this case, you can enjoy most of the ease and convenience of managing a public cloud (IaaS), while instantly saving more than half the overhead.

What’s more, Pigsty can significantly improve user performance: it allows one or two senior DBAs to leave all the trivial chores to the software and easily manage hundreds of database clusters; it also allows a junior R&D staff, after a simple learning training, can quickly reach a senior DBA’s cheap 70% correct level.

Pigsty open source and free, in the premise of providing similar or even exceed the cloud vendor RDS experience, can reduce the comprehensive cost of ownership of the database by 50% ~ 80%, and let the data really control in the hands of the user.

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