Unparalleled Observability

Open source monitoring best practice! Bring vision & insight to users

You can’t manage you don’t measure.

Monitoring systems provide metrics on the state of the system and are the cornerstone of operations and maintenance management. [DEMO]

Pigsty comes with a professional-grade monitoring system designed for large-scale database cluster management, based on industry best practices, using Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana, and Loki as the monitoring infrastructure. Open source, easy to customize, reusable, portable, no vendor lock-in.

Pigsty is unmatched in PostgreSQL monitoring, presenting about 1200+ categories of metrics through 30+ monitoring panels and thousands of dashboards, covering detailed information from the big global picture to individual objects. Compared with similar products, the coverage of metrics and the richness of monitoring panels are unparalleled, providing irreplaceable value for professional users. The appropriate level of detail is designed to provide an intuitive and convenient management experience for amateur users.

Pigsty’s monitoring system can be used to monitor all kinds of database instances deployed natively: PGSQL, REDIS, GPSQL, etc. It can also be used standalone to monitor existing database instances or remote cloud vendor RDS, or just as a host monitoring, it can also be used as a showcase for data visualization works.

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