Multi-Cloud Deploy

Vagrant & Terraform, Deploy to anywhere you want!

Pigsty can use Vagrant and Virtualbox to pull up and install the required virtual machine environment on your own laptop, or through Terraform, automatically request ECS/VPC resources from your cloud provider, creating and destroying them with a single click.

The virtual machines in the sandbox environment have fixed resource names and IP addresses, making them very suitable for software development testing and experimental demonstrations.

The default sandbox configuration is a single node with 2 cores and 4GB, IP address, with a single database instance named pg-meta-1 deployed.

A full version of the sandbox is also available in a four-node version with three additional database nodes, which can be used to fully demonstrate the capabilities of Pigsty’s highly available architecture and monitoring system.

System Requirements
  • Linux kernel, x86_64 processor
  • Use CentOS 7 / RedHat 7 / Oracle Linux 7 or other equivalent operating system distribution
  • CentOS 7.8.2003 x86_64 is highly recommended and has been tested in production environments for a long time

Single Node Basic Specifications

  • Min specification: 1 core, 1GB (OOM prone, at least 2GB of RAM recommended)
  • Recommended specifications: 2 cores, 4GB (sandbox default configuration)
  • A single PostgreSQL instance pg-meta-1 will be deployed
  • In the sandbox, the IP of this node is fixed to

Four node basic specifications

  • The meta node requirements are the same as described for a single node

  • Deploy an additional three-node PostgreSQL database cluster pg-test

  • Common database node with min specs: 1 core, 1GB, 2GB RAM recommended.

  • Three nodes with fixed IP addresses:,,

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