Pigsty Community, Group, and Channels

There’s an active Pigsty community. Search WeChat pigsty-cc and join the user group.

Most answers cloud be found in FAQ. If there’s no answer to your questions, you can ask in the community.

It’s most welcome to create Issues or Pull Requests if you find some repeatable bugs.

Following information cloud helps a lot when asking for help:

  • What commands are you typing?
  • What result do you expect?
  • What environment is used?
    • Is it a CentOS 7.8 fresh node?
    • Is it a physical/virtual machine, or a public cloud ECS?
    • Is anything else running on that node?
    • Is offline packagepkg.tgz been used?
      • If yes, in /tmp/pkg.tgz, right?
      • If not, do you have proper Internet access?
    • Is there any special restriction ? (such as firewall, ssh ban, etc…)



Github Issues



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