Applet: Data Visualization

Data analysis & visualization with pigsty toolbox

Pigsty provides three sample applications.

  • pglog, which analyzes PostgreSQL CSV log samples.
  • covid, which visualizes WHO COVID-19 data and accesses country outbreak data.
  • pglog, NOAA ISD, allows querying weather observation records from 1901 for 30,000 surface weather stations.

Structure of the application

A Pigsty application typically includes at least one or all of the following.

  • A graphical interface (Grafana Dashboard Definition) placed in the ui dir.
  • Data definitions (PostgreSQL DDL File), placed in the sql dir.
  • Data files (various resources, files to download), placed in the data dir.
  • Logical scripts (executing various types of logic), placed in the bin dir.

A Pigsty application will provide an installation script in the application root dir: install or a shortcut to it. You need to use an admin user to install the meta node. The installation script detects the current environment (gets METADB_URL, PIGSTY_HOME, GRAFANA_ENDPOINT to perform the installation).

Dashboards with the APP label are included in the App drop-down menu in the Pigsty Grafana home page navigation. The home page dashboard navigation includes dashboards with the APP and Overview labels.

You can download the app with the base data from

PGLOG CSVLOG Sample Analysis

Built-in applet for PostgreSQL CSV log sample analysis

COVID:WHO Pandemic Dashboard

Pigsty applet for visualizing WHO COVID-19 data

NOAA ISD Weather Station

Download, Parse, Visualize Integrated Surface Dataset.

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