About Pigsty

PostgreSQL made Easy!

Battery-Include Open-Source Postgres Distribution

Packaging the latest PostgreSQL kernel & TimescaleDB, PostGIS, Citus, and hundreds of extensions, all battery-included!
Shipping infrastructure components: Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Ansible, Docker,… Runtime for other databases & applications
Common tools for data analysis: Jupyter, ECharts, Grafana, PostgREST, Postgres. Can be used as low-code data app development IDE.

Auto-Piloting Monitoring & Management PaaS Solution

Unparalleled monitoring system with 30+ dashboards & 1200+ metrics. Just bring the ultimate observability for ya!
High Available PostgreSQL cluster. Idempotent instances & services, self-healing from hardware failures. Eliminate those tedious work!
Deploy different clusters & DBs : Primary/Replica/Standby/Delayed/Cascaded Postgres; Citus/Greenplum, Redis Standalone/Sentinel/Cluster

Handly Infra as Data Toolbox for Developers

HashiCorp for databases! Infra as Data! Describe whatever databases you want, then create them in minutes with one click!
Handy & useful toolbox for developers: Download & Configure & Scale In/Out & Backup/Migration with one click! Database admin made easy!
Designed for large-scale production usage, Operational on local 1C1G VM nodes. Pull up with Vagrant & Terraform, Deploy everywhere!

Thrifty Alternative to Cloud RDS

Modular design, compose freely. Databases management or host monitoring. Supporting SaaS or developing data apps. All your choice!
50% - 80% cost saving compared to Cloud RDS. Handling the administration of hundreds of databases with one single junior developer!
Free & Open-Source solution for production-grade open-source databases. Proven in real-world, large-scale environments. Steady as she goes!

Author: Ruohang Feng@Vonng