REDIS Concept

Redis ER Model

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ER Model

The Redis entity concept model is almost identical to PostgreSQL and includes the Cluster and Instance. Note that Cluster here does not refer to the clusters in Redis’ native clusters.

The core difference is that Redis typically uses multiple singleton instances, with multiple Redis instances typically deployed on a single physical/VM to take advantage of multi-core CPUs.

In Pigsty-managed Redis, it is not yet possible to deploy two Redis instances from different clusters on a node, but this does not affect the deployment of multiple independent Redis instances on a node.

Redis Identity

The identity parameters are the information that must be provided when defining a Redis cluster.

Name Attribute Description Example
redis_cluster MUST, cluster level cluster name redis-test
redis_node MUST,node level Node Number 1,2
redis_instances MUST,node level Instance Definition { 6001 : {} ,6002 : {}}
  • redis_cluster: Identifies the Redis cluster name, configured at the cluster level, as the top-level namespace for cluster sources.
  • redis_node: Identifies the number of the node in the cluster.
  • redis_instances: A JSON object with the Key as the instance port and the Value as a JSON object containing the instance-specific configuration.

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