Versatile Apps

Launch production-grade software, perform data analysis & visualization demo in low-code style

Software & tools

Pigsty installs Docker by default on the meta node, and you can pull up all kinds of SaaS applications with one click: Gitlab, an open-source private code hosting platform; Discourse, an open-source forum; Mastodon, an open-source social network; Odoo, an open-source ERP software; and UFIDA, Kingdee, and other software.

You can use Docker to pull up stateless parts, modify their database connection strings to use external databases, and get a silky smooth cloud-native management experience with production-grade data persistence. For more details, please refer to Tutorial: Docker Application.

There are some pre-packed docker images, checkTutorial: Docker Application for more information.

  • Gitea : Light-Weight code hosting platform like gitlab
  • PgAdmin4: GUI tools for postgre administration
  • PGWeb:
  • PostgREST: Generate backend API automatically according to postgres schema
  • ByteBase: GUI tools for database schema migration
  • Jupyter Lab: Battery-Included Python Data analysis environment

In addition to these software, You can run some handy tools with docker, too

  • SchemaSPY: Generate schema report for postgres
  • Pgbadger: Generate log analysis report for postgres csv log

You can also launch some heavy softwares with pigsty postgres:

  • Gitlab
  • Habour
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Odoo
  • Mastodon
  • Discourse

Data Analysis & Visualization

Pigsty is both a battery-include PostgreSQL distribution and can be used as a data analysis environment, or to make low-code visualization applications. You can go directly from SQL data processing to Echarts plotting in one step, or you can use more elaborate workflows: for example, using PG as the main database, storing data and implementing business logic with SQL; using the built-in PostgREST to automate the back-end API, using the built-in JupyterLab to perform complex data analysis in Python, and using Echarts for data visualization, and Grafana for interaction capabilities.

Pigsty comes with several sample applications for reference.

  • Analysis of PG CSV log samples pglog
  • Visualization of new crown outbreak data covid
  • The global surface weather station data query isd
  • Database prevalence ranking trend dbeng
  • Query the work commuting schedule of a large factory’s worktime

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